824 Club
824 Club

824 Club

Own NFTs at an attractive entry point, just like VC would do.

What is 824?

824 is a parallel club that invests in NFTs and Metaverse as a squad. Seeing the potential community investing, 824 started with the initial contribution of 2.28 ETH and three members in July 2022. Since then, the fund has grown to 100+ ETH, and we now have over 35+ web3 founders and collectors.

Two themes

Blue-Chip NFT Collections as an Investable Category

824 gives its members access to high-growth & blue-chip NFTs. We have made it extremely easy for members not just to invest but also to be part owners hold high-quality NFTs and interact with them.

There are diversified investments in the largest and most established (“blue-chip”) NFT collections, including Memeland, Moonbirds, Azuki, and more, all with an attractive investment entry point.

NFT Community & Culture from India

Pioneer the NFT movement and expand on the next generation of Web3 builders with 824 members. We believe the next wave of top NFT builders will emerge from our community. Build NFTFi, collections, and experiences and partner with brands.

The Squad

We are the first NFT and Metaverse-focused club based out of India, and we have 35 web3 builders from ZkSync , Superteam, Socket , The Product Folks , TaxNodes , Spacekayak , Juno and more…

We partner with Bangalore's homegrown chefs and brands to create an exceptional club experience for our members. "We have collaborated with Naru Ramen Bar, Local Ferment Co, and LUPA so far.
We partner with Bangalore's homegrown chefs and brands to create an exceptional club experience for our members. "We have collaborated with Naru Ramen Bar, Local Ferment Co, and LUPA so far.

Member Benefits


💰 Blue-chip NFT collections

The club collects NFTs with the goal of bringing long-term value to members. Currently the investments done are through lore.xyz and then on Blur.

🍿 Curated experiences

We enjoy collaborating with top chefs to curate events. Chefs are artists who bring people together for a unique dining experience. So far we have 3 curated events and have planned for one every month.

👟 Drops - Exclusive sneakers, clothing, and more

We have introduced membership tiers based on contribution amounts. Different on-chain exclusive items can be claimed based on the contribution milestone.


Since inception…

  1. We are the first squad on lore to buy MEMELAND Potatoz. Since then, we have minted 5 Capz and unlocked 3M $MEME tokens with future unlocks.
  2. $150K+ in NFTs - Memeland, Madlads, Moonbirds, Creepz and more
  3. $150K+ in available Liquidity over in 5+ Tokens - $ETH, $USDT, $APE, $BLUR.
  4. Embracing Alt L1s - SOL with Madlads being our first purchase.
  5. Raised over $100K in ETH in the past six months.
  6. Over 70% of our existing members have contributed second time.

The past few funding rounds

Funding Round(s)
New Members
Existing Members
December 2023
6 ($12500)
June 2023
9.25 ($18,500)
May 2023
10.69 ETH ($20,471)
April 2023
6 ETH ($10,606)
March 2023
3.45 ETH ($6,098)

How does it work?

  1. 824 opens a funding round to raise capital in ETH.
  2. Anyone can deposit ETH and lock in a position in the fund.
  3. Once the round closes, equity % on the overall fund value is allocated.
  4. Members can track progress via the dashboard or the issued NFT.
  5. Members get access to the fund upside, learnings, and curated experiences (LP dinner(s), Golf memberships, etc)
  6. NFTs are bought and held securely in a Safe multi-sig vault.

What works for us?

The fund is currently not taking any fee. We will introduce fees upon hitting $500K in AUM.

  1. Low entry barrier with a minimum contribution of 0.69 ETH - 1 ETH.
  2. I see consistent contributions from existing members as an DCA.
  3. New Memberships from friends of friends of existing members.
  4. Low cost to experiment, run and manage - Only gas fees.

NFT Collection Thesis & Risk Management

Owning 1 BAYC at mint ($236) would've netted around $175K through further collections and Airdrops.
  1. Identify strong IPs, artists, and companies early - like 9gag, Creepz before airdrops (High-value accrual).
  2. Only in projects that have raised over $10M in capital via mint or VC.
  3. Talk to teams and extensively lurk around in communities.
  4. Diversified into top projects and even staking.
  5. High-liquid collections.

Why 824?

The future of investing for web3 natives is social and collective..

  • Investing in a wide range of Game-Fi, Social and Art NFTs, Metaverse lands and tokens.
  • We assist members in becoming collectors by offering exclusive drops.
  • Exclusive access to members-only events and have fun.